Graduates receive grants to complete a Master's or doctoral degree in Germany.

Who can apply?

  • Applicants for a scholarship to obtain a master degree: very well qualified colombian graduates, who have accomplished a first university degree (bachelor or equivalent) at the time of application.
  • Applicants for a scholarship to obtain a doctoral degree: very well qualified colombian graduates, who have accomplished a master (or equivalent) degree at the time of application.

What is supported?

Graduates complete a
a) Master's degree, or
b) doctoral studies at a German university

Duration of funding

a) approx. 2 years
b) approx. 3-4 years
Grants are awarded for one year respectively. Applications must be submitted for an extension and these are reviewed by the DAAD selection committee.


Co-funded by COLFUTURO and DAAD
  • Intensive German course in Germany (up to 6 months for Master's students and doctoral candidates incl. accommodation and cost of living during this period (DAAD)); alternatively, accompanying German course during course of studies
  • Costs of outward and return travel (DAAD)
  • Monthly scholarship payments up to the maximum amount determined by COLFUTURO (COLFUTURO/DAAD)
  • Medical, nursing care, accident and personal liability insurance, if applicable also for accompanying dependants (DAAD)
  • If applicable, cost of German language course for accompanying spouse (DAAD)
  • Contribution towards the costs of printing thesis (DAAD)
The contribution awarded by COLFUTURO is a scholarship credit which is paid back in full or in part. This is based upon the guidelines of the Colfuturo sponsorship programme "Créditos-Beca para estudios de Posgrado en el Exterior".


Candidates are selected by a committee of Colombian and German scientists and academics.

More detailed information

And online application:
COLFUTURO Fundación para el Futuro de Colombia
Carrera 15 No. 37-15 Bogotá, Colombia

DAAD Bogotá

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