Programme Description

Research work (Master's theses, doctoral theses, post-doctoral theses) in the field of natural sciences is eligible for funding. The programme's focus is on the active support of particularly gifted and skilled young scientists and includes mentoring of the scholar's academic and personal skills. As the Evonik Foundation redefines its key funding areas each year, the proposed research must match the content criteria to be eligible for support.

Target Group

students or doctoral students with excellent academic records and extraordinary research projects matching the content criteria of the key funding area of the particular year

Academic Requirements

degree course or doctoral programme


  • Diplom or Master's theses: six months
  • doctoral theses: two years with an option to renew the sponsorship
  • post-doctoral studies: one year

Scholarship Value

  • Diplom or Master's theses: EUR 250 to EUR 600 per month over a period of 6 months
  • doctoral theses: EUR 1,400 per month over two years with an option to renew the sponsorship
  • post-doctoral studies: one year, the grant amount depends on the individual case

Application Papers

Please find the application forms and all information on the application procedure here.

Application Deadline

The key funding areas are published annualy in January. Submission ends at the end of February of the same year.

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